Yakhmar big

The greatest and most terrible of the ice worms is Yakhmar, gigantic in size and ferocious in its cold hatred for any of the living.

The higher animals, he knew, radiated heat. Below them in the scale of being came the scaled and plated reptiles and fishes, whose temperature was of their surroundings. But the Remora, the worm of the ice lands, seeming unique in that it radiated cold; at least, that was how Conan would have expressed it. It gave out a sort of bitter cold that could encase a corpse in an armor of ice within minutes. Since none of Conan’s tribesmen claimed to have seen a Remora, Conan had assumed that the creature was long extinct.

This, then, must be the monster that Igla had dreaded, and of which she had vainly tried to warn him by the name yakhmar.

— L. Sprague de Camp & Lin Carter, "The Lair of the Ice Worm"

The ice-crusted hell of northernmost Cimmeria is a land where life fights for survival. The Eiglophian Mountains rear up into the skies, becoming ever more hostile to humanity with each climb up the face of those jagged spires. While scattered clans of Cimmerian barbarians cling to a joyless existence here, the only life which truly thrives in this realm of untouched snow and ancient stone is utterly inhuman. They are the predators of the peaks, and the mightiest among them are some of the deadliest creatures to be found anywhere in the world. First among these are the ice worms of Cimmerian and Hyperborean legend.

Some warriors of the northlands believe with certainty that the ice worms are extinct. But the ice worms still live, burrowing ever deeper into the earth’s surface in order to hide from the agonizing touch of the sun’s heat and the fire-tipped arrows of human hunters. The greatest and most terrible of these creatures is Yakhmar itself, gigantic in size and ferocious in its cold hatred for any of the living.

The rare tales that tell of Yakhmar speak of a monstrous white-furred worm, its body formed of coil upon coil of winding, rippling, muscled flesh. The beast’s eyes are a sickly, undersea green that radiate cold light in the dark surroundings of its lair, and its opened maw is a gaping hole in inward-pointing teeth and a slick, grasping tongue that snares a warrior’s limbs and drags him closer so the creature may feed.

Yakhmar, and perhaps its lesser kin, possesses the ability to produce a piping call that is able to hypnotize even strong-willed souls, luring them from the safety of their campfire and into a foul death. Ice worms feed on the flesh of warm-blooded creatures, rasping the flesh away from their victims’ bones and leaving the bodies encased in a block of solid ice once all warmth is leeched away. Of all the ways to die in the Hyborian Age, such a death is surely one of the most agonizing.

Yakhmar the Ice Worm[]

Yakhmars abilities[]

  • Melee hit - 1200-1300 crushing damage
  • Piercing gaze - range 80, 90degree cone attack, stuns for 5seconds, and deal 150frost damage/sec.
  • Knockback AoE - 360Degree - Short range, does no damage.
  • Iceworm Lullaby - range 100, duration 5 seconds, 700-900 damage, and stun.
  • Yakhmar's Slam - Aprox 1k damage in huge AoE around him.
  • Kyllikki's Blizzard - 6,1sec, 600 - 850frost damage, 70% reduced movespeed, and 600 - 850 every 2 seconds. Targeted on a person.
  • Yakhmar's adds - Spawns 6 adds, which hit for 1.3k crushing damage, and have Piercing Gaze just as Yakhmar himself.



Positioning in this encounter means a lot, you have to make the raid avoid the knockback, and his piercing gaze cone attack. You are not allowed to position anyone infront of him other than the main tank, if the healers, and other raid members get hit by the cone attack your wasting mana on healing unnecesary HP up. The knockback has a rather short range, it emit as a radius from Yakhmar, so just keeping distance to him will avoid it for the raid. Iceworm Lullaby is unavoidable, its a 5sec stun you have to cope with, it will most properly trigger the adds aswell. The positioning is a bit like Vistrix, you have to keep ranged on the boss while melee keeps the adds under control. This way you won't lose to much DPS on the boss, and will be able to cope with the adds at the same time.

Piercing Gaze[]

This attack is not that dangerous when Yakhmar casts it, as you mostly know what direction he is pointing. His adds can quickly stun a healer for 5seconds, and kill that healer off really quick if not picked up by a tank.

Knockback AoE[]

This knockback effect is rather harmless, the only problem is if he uses it while the adds are up, he will knockback everyone in range of it. This will leave the healers without a chance to heal, and people will start dying. Easiest way to avoid this is having DPS and healers out of range of the knockback, this will of course leave the melee without a chance to to hit Yakhmar. The knockback is a big blue/light blue ring that shoots out from Yakhmar.

Iceworm Lullaby[]

This stun is unavoidable, its range is simply so long that it doesn't pay off running out of range, and try to come back. It has to be coped with, it doesn't deal a whole lot of damage to a single person, but it damages the entire raid, which leaves healers with a job to heal up the damage on all 24persons.

The stun is triggered by fire damage.

Yakhmar's slam[]

This ability is a wide AoE attack that is centered at Yakhmar, it hit the raid once for around 1-1.2k crushing damage. You can't be mistaken when he does it, it rains with big ice rocks.

Yakhmar's adds[]

There will spawn 3-4 adds every aprox 45 seconds, the adds do not have a whole lot of hp, but they hit for 1.3k on a heavy armored targeted without a shield. So it will kill healers off pretty fast in this way. Apart from hitting very hard they also have the Piercing Gaze as Yakhmar has aswell, so these adds have to be picked up by heavy armored players or above really quick. The adds can be hit by all CC, stun, fear, knockback, roots, snare effects, you name it. So feel free to lock them down with stun and everything you got.


You want to prevent fire damage on Yakhmar, so place all demos and Hox'es in a single group, and anyone else who is in this group should never hit Yakhmar.

You don't want more than 11 people attacking Yakhmar at any given time, 1 group is designated MT group, should consists of 1-2 tanks, 1-2 healers, 1 necro, 1 rogue. A good group is 1 Guardian MT, 1 Conq DPS/OT, 1xTos,1xBS, 1xSin/Barb. You want one necro in the MT group for the mage shield which reduce damage by around 90 dmg per hit.

One group is the add group you just put all other soldiers in this one and a healer. Third group is the ranged dps and extra rogues, this group can do extra damage on Yakhmar when there are no adds and the soldiers are out of range of Yakhmar. You could also have a necro in this one for the mage shield.

MT group is the only one that stays close to yakhmar all the time, the rest stays away, farther than a ranger can hit. Necros and rangers who are not in the main tank grup can attack yakhmar when there's no adds.

When adds pop, the add group pull them back to the dps group(fire group etc). Try to place one healer in each group for heals and extra HP buff.

Known Drops[]