Yarekma the Soul Eater

From what layer of Tartarus this monstrous angel of war was dragged is lost now for the thing has slaughtered those responsible for conjuring it. Not only did it slay their mortal forms but it dragged out their eternal souls and ravenously ate them, feasting on them while tearing their victims bodies apart and grinding them to bloody pulp.

Yaremka is still trapped within the deeper recesses of the Black Ring Citadel. Only the most disturbed and avaricious of diabolists risk consorting with this entity, but the power it still offers tempts the weak.

The gargantuan beast dwarfs men and women, standing to fill the enormous underground chamber. It is hemmed in by arcane symbols seared into the marble floor and towers soaring to the vaulted ceiling and arcing incredible flashes of lightning.

Yet the most fearsome aspect is not its size, but the aura of unbridled rage that surrounds it as it seethes against its captivity. A general from the eternal battlefields of the mythic underworld, it is demeaned by its imprisonment and offers heaven and earth to any who would set it free, while threatening eternal damnation against anyone who contemplates trying to force its service. It’s rage is capable of shaking the mountain to its foundations.

What madness would possess anyone to deal with such a creature is beyond comprehension and an even greater madness lies in opposing the archfiend. And Hyboria is surely doomed should it ever escape…

Yaremka the Soul Eater[]

Yaremka's Abilities[]

  • Enrages on a 30 second timer causing him to swell in size and do massive one-shot damage as well as move slightly faster.
  • Performs random conal AOE knockback + damage attack infront of him.
  • DOTs the second highest target on his aggro list.
  • After he Enrages, he switches aggro to the second highest on his list and attempts to one-shot them, chasing them around until they are dead or he de-enrages. At this time he also resets his aggro tables with the exception of the prior second highest aggro. This behavior is also exhibited if someone pulls aggro off the main tank.