Zingara was founded by people who were a mixture of Zingg Valley folk (possibly of proto-Stygian origin), invading Picts, and Hyborian tribes. Many historians place the Zingarans among the Hyborian people. The Zingarans are an agricultural, maritime, and pastoral race, ruled by a king who rarely leaves the capital of Kordava.

Bordered by the Shemites to the east and south, and the powerful Pictish tribes in the north, the Zingarans continued their expansion by building ships and sailing across the Western Ocean.

Her chief adversary and rival is Argos. The Zingarans blame Argos for the current rash of pirate activity, and see the Argosseans as "cutting in" on their trade routes.

Zingara has few allies. Their haughty manner and domination of the sea have made them few friends, although their privateer captains have made all the coastal nations respectful.

Zingaran pride and independence has made her a very fractious nation. Internal problems, dissensions, and even civil wars have long prevented Zingara from eliminating her enemies or ruling the Western Ocean.

In theory, the law comes from the king, much as in Aquilonia. In practice, each noble makes his own justice, and unless an important noble or commoner is involved, the king ignores it. Executions are by hanging (for commoners) or beheading (for nobles). Commoners can also be mutilated (hands removed, etc.) for crimes, while nobles can at worst be fined and (for the most serious crimes) exiled.

The Zingarans are half-hearted Mitra worshippers. Their devotion is not as strong as in Aquilonia, but their isolation has made it difficult for other faiths to gain a foothold.